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Andrei Rochian Boat Design has been providing exceptional naval architecture, boat and yacht design, management of engineering and design, and custom boat building services since 1997. We work with international boat production companies and discerning owners to create unique and high-quality boats and yachts.
Our founder initiated the first custom building boatyard in Bucharest, where we undertook exquisite rebuilds of Riva luxury motorboats and British racing classic sail yachts. We were also the first in the East of Europe to design series fabricated, successfully selling high-quality motor yachts.
Located in the South of France in Bordeaux, one of the active boating hubs in the EU, we are creating the large hybrid propulsion motor yachts of tomorrow for prestigious French yacht builders.
Before our enterprise, no leisure boat building boatyard existed in Bucharest proper, despite being geographically located nearby the River Danube and the Black Sea. In 1997, we initiated the first such enterprise by custom building an American Pilot Cutter for an American owner.
Our boats and yachts have been designed and custom-built for owners in the UK, USA, Sweden, Holland, South Korea, China, France, and Brazil. They have demonstrated outstanding excellent service for many years, sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, the Caribbean, the Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the South Atlantic Ocean.
We use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis software for our boat architecture design and engineering work. Our approach is based on more than 10 years of international boat show research, documenting design trends, engineering solutions, and materials from boat shows in China, Hong Kong, Southampton, London, and France.
We are delighted to constantly receive extremely positive messages of appreciation from owners, company CEOs, and business partners after many years since our service or our yacht has been superbly delivered.
Visit our website pages to see our sail yachts and catamaran designs, motor yachts, race yachts, Riva restoration projects, and employment opportunities.
We welcome your emails and messages concerning naval architecture marine design, custom boat building, or your leisure yacht or boat project.

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We welcome your Emails and messages concerning naval architecture marine design or your custom boat building or design of Leisure Yacht or Boat Project .

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