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Andrei Rochian Boat Design Designing and Building Bespoke Boats and Yachts since 1997

We provide since 20 years Boats , Yachts and Composite Designs , Engineering, Custom Yacht Building and yacht Project Management Services to International Boat Production Companies and to the Discerning Owners

We are positioned at the South of France in region Bordeaux La Rochelle Biarritz one of the most active boating hubs in EU

We undertake Boat and Yacht Custom Building ; Boat and Yacht Restoration and Refit in Fiberglass; Composite , Aluminium , Steel and Wood Epoxy ; we deliver unparalelled Value and the Best Quality for the Owner.

* Seven of Andrei Rochian yacht designs have been built or are in the process of being built on four continents . Our designed boats and our custom built boats for owners in UK , USA , Sweden; Holland, South Korea, China, France; Brazil have demonstrated many years outstanding excellent service at the Atlantic Ocean ; North Sea , the Carribeans, The Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea; The Gulf Of Mexico and The South Atlantic Ocean

The Sport Grand Coupe 40 ft Motor Yacht designed by Andrei Rochian is being built in 2019 in series production by the best yacht company in China nearby Hong Kong

Another Sport Coupe Motor Boat has been built in hundreds of units by a well known and famous American Sport Boats factory in Orlando Florida USA

The Sport Motor Boat design concept created by us has been built for series production in South America being the highly success 25.5 ft sport motor boat Fibrafort Boats Brazil has been launched as the star of Rio de Janeiro Boat Show 2018

The X43 Flybridge Motor Yacht designed by us has been built for series production in Liaoning China being the main product and the flagship motor yacht product of a new composite boat factory ; has generated exceptional development to the developer company

This success has been positively reviewed in the February 2018 and October 2016 issues of the Professional BoatBuilder Magazine USA , in the International Boating Industry Magazine 2016 July, as well as in European Yacht magazines

The P40 Aluminium Sail Yacht designed by Andrei Rochian has been built for series production in South Korea being the flagship sail yacht product of a new sail yacht range of products by a prestigious aluminium yacht factory in South Korea.

The X580 Aluminium Sport Boat designed by Andrei Rochian has been built for series production 2019 in Romania being the flagship boat product of a new aluminium boat factory in Romania

The yachts designed by Andrei Rochian have been built in hundreds of units , on four continentes, generating success and creating winners for the owners.

Our yacht designs have demonstrated excellent service to the Owners and outstanding commercial success.

We provide services of Design and engineering of Leisure Boats and yachts as well as Oil Platform Service Boats in Aluminium ; Wind Farm Service Boats; Passenger Ferry Catamaran Plans; Fishing Boat Plans ; Work Boat Plans our extensive professional international engineering experience;the set of plans and designs include hydrostatic calculations; lamination schedules ; materials lists and materials specifications; hull lines ; hull table of offsets ; construction plans . Composite Prepreg Designs , Composite Design and Engineering in Carbon Prepreg Composite Engineering, RTM Resin Transfer ; Vacuum Infusion Lamination Techology ; Composite Project Management Services to Composite Companies .

We provide the services of making of Series Production Composite Boat Factories for Entrepenerurs in Europe and Internationally.

* Our boat design and engineering work is based on more than 10 years International Boat Show Research and documenting from the China Shanghai Boat Show 2007 2008 2010 Shenzen Boat Show 2011, Guangzhou Boat Show 2012, Hong Kong Yacht Show;Southampton Yacht Show 2015 2016 to London Boat Show 2016;2017; researach on boat and yacht design trends design and engineering solutions; materials

We do constantly receive extremely positive messages of appreciation from owners ; company CEO's and business partners after many years since our service or our yacht has been superbly delivered.

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We are in constant search of talents to join our team ; on our *Employment website page you may apply for a design position ; boat building position; with our company.

We welcome your Emails and messages concerning your custom boat building or design of Leisure Yacht or Boat Project .

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